Jamie Mayes, AOE

About Jamie Mayes

Jamie Mayes is a native of DeRidder, Louisiana. Since her teen years, Jamie has had a passion for speaking, performing, and writing; these three became a substantial part of the destiny God planned for her. While growing up, she faced many obstacles and sometimes struggled to remain focused on her goal. Growing in a single parent home and dealing with many personal issues often threatened Jamie’s ability to continue to personal growth. However, with grace and faith in God, Jamie was able to use her talents to save and change her own life.

Jamie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Communication Studies and African American Studies from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Jamie obtained her Master’s of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education from the University of Louisiana in Monroe with certifications in Speech and English. In addition to teaching high school English in Monroe, Louisiana, Jamie is a published author. Jamie is an author of poetry, short stories, essays, and several other pieces of literary work. In November 2011, she published her first book, a collection of poetry entitled Tear Stained Dresses and Dusty Shoes. In February 2013, she release of her second book, Pennies In My Pocket. Her most recent publication is a collection of short stories called “Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade” which celebrates the lives and courage of women.

It is Jamie’s belief that all individuals have a voice, but they must choose the manner in which to use it. Visit her website: http://jamiemayes.wix.com/jamiemayesaoe


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