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2016: Donald Trump Taught Me

In Uncategorized on December 30, 2016 at 5:49 pm

For the past six weeks, I have been trying to find at least one positive thing to say about Donald Trump being elected as our new President. I have searched “high and low.” I looked under my couch, on top of the refrigerator, on the roof of my house, from the roof of my house, down the highway, up the street, in the church, in the club, and even between the sofa cushions. You can always find things in the sofa cushions. Still, I could find nothing good to say.

He has already began living up to the things he preached about in this election. He uses Twitter-fingers to discuss political plans and pick fights. He has “settled” several court cases out of court and is not being pursued for anything, though at least one of his cases indicates there is reasonable cause for a trial. He appointed black medical doctor Ben Carson to be over federal housing on the premise that Ben Carson grew up in the hood. It still baffles me that Ben Carson would accept such a position despite admitting that he has no idea how to run this program. I see a token, and it is not from Chuckie-Cheese. The list of Trump’s calamities both past and present go on and on. For a while, it has been overwhelming to even discuss the never-ending, just-beginning saga of Donald Trump.

Tonight, though, I was preparing for bed and thinking about what I wanted to write as my final post of 2016. I didn’t want to write a general summary. I didn’t want to be typical with a list of the ways I have changed or a list of things I’ve have learned. I wanted something different- something that really challenged me. Instantly, my mind rolled back to the election and my concerns as we enter a new year post-Obama administration. A tear welled in the corner of my eye, and for a minute, sadness overcame me. I snapped out of it; I must get over my devastation and accept the truth. We will have a new president and that president’s name will be Donald John Trump. Sadness again. He will be our new President, and we can do this! We can make it! At some point America was great, and he will make it great again! Sadness. Grabs a Kleenex. Pours a glass of wine. Adds a shot of tequila.  I can do this.

I tried to evaluate the political scandal- I mean the political technique and strategy- used by our President elect. I could find no real strategy, but I did find a few more things. Tax audits every year for twenty years. A tax return that has still never been submitted. Declarations that he can “grab women by the p***y.” Bragging about “banging” his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter. Law suits for racial discrimination. Law suits for a fraudulent school. Multiple bankruptcies. Multiple children with multiple women. Where does the list end? Where does the list begin?

So what does all of this mean to you? Well, one very important thing that can change your life for the rest of your life! Are you ready? YOUR PAST DOESN’T MATTER! No one is better proof of this than our President elect. If you made a mistake ten years ago; forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter. If you made a mistake yesterday, forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter! If many of the U.S. citizens are willing to put the fate of our country in the hands of a man with a Santa Claus list of faults, scandals, and crimes, then you deserve to let the burdens of your past go and move forward! I mean, he is the President of the United States! You just want to start a business or write a book or mend the ties with your family or finish school! Well, look at Donald Trump and then look in the mirror. Trump. Mirror. Trump. Mirror. Now, go for it! Trust me, you haven’t done so badly. If America can forgive Trump, and he can confidently look at himself in the mirror every day, then you can do it, too! Let go of your mistakes and people who disappointed you. Let go of your past- no matter how shady or unforgiving it may seem to you. Develop a clean and genuine heart with true ambition. Find what you what to do or change and go for it! Every day you wake up is your chance to be great. Don’t let your past keep you from your calling or destiny. One more time. Look at Donald Trump. Look in the mirror. Look at Donald Trump. Look in the mirror. Trump. Mirror. Trump. Mirror. Now, remember, YOUR PAST DOESN’T MATTER!

Go for your heart’s desires in 2017!

  1. Yes Jamie!!! This is right on time!!!


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