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The Sweetest Gift: In Honor of My Son’s Birthday

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2016 at 5:21 am

I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with you

A thousand thoughts my mind ran through,

Was it the time or place right?

This was not a part of the plan I’d laid out for my life.

But there you were, incalculable and alive,

Fluttering and moving already inside.

I wondered how I could possibly be carrying a child,

Though I worried, I was beguiled.

Watching my stomach as it stretched and grew,

I counted the moments to hours to days I would meet you.

You were already a love like no other,

For you were the only one who could give me the title of mother.

You revolutionized what it meant for me to be free

To emancipate myself others’ thoughts of me

To speak for one who cannot yet talk

To march for one who cannot yet walk

To protect one who cannot yet fight

You are my love and I’d give my life.


Who wouldn’t love a boy so sweet?

Who wouldn’t want to kiss dimples so deep?

Who would not want to hug arms so wide?

He is his mother’s biggest pride.

The past two years have been nothing but bliss

I never imagined a love like this.

Whether wiping your runny nose or reading you a book,

You give me pride with only a simple look.

When I needed peace you brought me great joy,

Only God could give me such a bouncy baby boy.

Many nights I watch your gentle breaths,

You give me energy when I have none left.

Oh, how precious you are to me,

There is no sweeter gift than my Lee3!


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