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Funny Thing about Love

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The funny thing about love is
You can feel it on the tips of your toe nails
You can see it dangling from the coils of curls in your hair
You can feel it when you run your tongue across the front of your teeth

The funny thing about love is
It glistens on your skin like the illumination of the sun on a summer day
You can taste it in the bottom of your tea glass on a country front porch
You can chase with it a net like butterflies in a field of daisies

The funny thing about the love is
When the bug bites you
You hope there is no cure for it
That the bite will be more pleasure than pain
And no ointment is needed to soothe it

That’s just the funny thing about love…

-Jamie Mayes, 2015


Teaching My Son How to Identify a Woman

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I am the first woman he will ever know, so I had better do a heck of a job showing my son how a woman should look and act for the sake of hoping that one day he will recognize and value her. There are some chaacter traits that I think I was born with- resilence, motivation, and courage. So these things will be pretty easy to pass on to him. At 7 months, he took his first two steps. He then wobbled around for almost two more months, falling and getting back up over and over again , never losing determination to walk. Finally, he has nailed the process at nine months. I now watch those two little parentheses we call legs coming towards me and I have witnessed a child who has resilience, courage and motivation in his DNA. So, it is not who he will be that urges me to take precaution in my day-to-day dealings. Instead, I fret over the image I present of a woman and what he should seek in a quality companion. The modern day,selection of women or lack there of has caused me great concern as I consider the everchangiglng definition of a woman these days. For many, this will seem to be an extremely premature concern, as my son has not even reached the age of 1 year.
However, I think back to my earliests memories of how my mother made an impression on my view of self-presentation when I would see her all dressed and made up prettily on Sunday mornings. I also recall how the early struggles to have a relationship with my father affected my ability to feel comfortable around men. I am convinced that even before the dates I can recall, impressions of manhood and womanhood had already been made upon me, thus creating the woman I am and affecting the social and romantic relationships I have today (in good and bad ways).
Therefore, it is my belief that the present is not too soon a time to start impressing the image of a strong-willed, ambitious but humble, goal oriented but flexible woman upon him by being a representation of such through my actions. Now is the perfect time begin teaching him that he is to love and admire the courage of a woman and to value the demure of a lady while shying away from those who behave in a manner that is contrary to elite women. I will do this by demonstating the same loving-kindness to him that I expect him to exhibit to others and by demanding that being a man of valor be a part of his daily lifestyle. No, I am not hoping my son will one day marry someone like me, but I am hoping he will wisely choose a woman who is a woman by lifestyle and not gender only. It is said that a woman can’t make a boy into a man, but she can teach him to identify one hell of a woman.


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