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Jeremy Meeks…Apparently, He’s Hot News

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It’s the mug shot seen ‘round the world. I tried to steer away from this topic, but the story seems to get bigger and more interesting every day. I will admit that Jeremy Meeks is quite handsome and a tad bit sexy. Though he does not fit my typical preference, no one can deny that those blue eyes are dreamy! So, I can completely understand why his picture has landed nearly 100K LIKES on social media and media attention across the world.

However, it is not society’s (particularly women) response that has appalled me. It is the response of the media that has left me quite unnerved. Apparently, Mr. Meeks has decided to use his fame to take his life to another level and has landed an agent. As I listened to Good Morning America’s report about his pursuit, I was quite shocked and disappointed about their response to his situation. Their blatant partiality towards Meeks is obvious as the reporter reiterates that he is a felon. My only question was does being a felon make him ugly?

Had I been within five feet of the reporter I would have rapidly smacked his knuckles for such pretentious behavior. They are a reflection of what is truly wrong with society. How dare GMA look down upon Meeks for his shady past…and present. I felt a little relief that Meeks had found a sense of optimism and perhaps the start of a new life, merely by accident. When I thought of Meeks from the perspective of a teacher, I wondered what type of childhood he’d had. I considered the possible exposure he did or did not have to a positive environment. I wondered what his self esteem had been like in the past. With crimes like gang activity and violent acts on his record, he may have never even considered that he could have a positive and productive future. Therefore, who are we as a society to dictate whether he deserves a shot at fame?

I am reminded of the age old saying “sweep around your own front door.” It blows my mind that society can excuse so many other crimes and immoral acts, but attach a permanent ball and chain to some people. It is not Meeks’ fault that he was born attractive and that in the midst of what was set to destroy his life, he may in fact, be rescued instead. I must reflect on the good ole Southern church saying: God can turn a mess into a message. I offer no judgment against Mr. Meeks. Instead, I hope that he serves his time and that after he has paid his debt he can gain a career using his gift and become a productive citizen of society and set a positive example for his family and other young men.

News link: https://gma.yahoo.com/hot-mug-shot-felon-signs-agent-modeling-contracts-001204845–abc-news-topstories.html

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