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Would YOU Die for Me?

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There are often many comments made about personal feelings regarding Dr. King’s mission and message. However, what is most important is that he possessed the strength and courage that very few demonstrate today. It is because of his willingness to put himself last and the mission first, that we are afforded so many opportunities today. I humbly thank him for such a transcending message delivered 50 years ago. I share with you a piece from Pennies In My Pocket:
You didn’t know who’d I’d be,
Didn’t know if I’d value being free
Whether I’d live up to the things you gave up for me,
Yet, you still died for me.
I read your speech just the other day,
And I listened to the powerful words you had to say,
It was just a few hours before you went away,
Which made it more beautiful that you died for me.
You declared that your eyes had seen the glory,
Knew you wouldn’t be here still you knew the end of the story,
And because you loved God there was no worry,
You were willing to die just for me.
You acknowledged there’s no other place you could have been,
God sent you to redeem women and men,
And because you’re his vessel you’d do it all again,
Just to give your life for me.
I stand in front of a class of rainbow faces,
Teaching the legacy of Dr. King to different races,
Afforded the chance because you marched in many places,
Knowing you’d give your life for me.
Dr. King, it was a miraculous fight,
With long days and many sleepless nights,
Yet, you knew your dream would take flight,
And so you gave your life for me.
To self-sacrifice takes a real man of the word,
You stood for right despite the threats you heard,
Head held high, you remained unnerved,
Accepting God’s mission that you die for me.
My tears on the inside now leak out,
Dr. King’s mission is what true love is about,
His fierce passion should remove any man’s doubt,
That Dr. King was willing to die for me.
My pledge to you is to make the most of this life,
To show my ancestors that I was worth the strife,
And to show my appreciation to your wife,
Who understood that you had to die for me.
Black secretaries of state and a president too,
Those were possible Dr. King, because of you,
I won’t be arrogant- give the credit that is due,
For Dr. King, I know you died for me.
Brothers and sisters we must rise and take control,
This is the land where you can achieve all goals,
There’s no room for fighting, we must work as a whole,
For Dr. King gave his life for you and me.
© Copyright 2012 by Motivational Inspirations
~J. Mayes

Participating in Ultimate Reciprocating Paths Of Success & Elation

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                      It has to be one of the hottest of today- perhaps hotter than who’s dating who in Hollywood. Everyone is seeking to live in their PURPOSE! Living according to life’s purpose is a hot topic in magazines and in books. It is the basis of television shows and the focus of many individuals. While it is one of the better positive trends of current society, understanding the essence of purpose and living it out is still quite a problem for many. I admittedly have been one of the sufferers who was struggling to understand my purpose. My imperative press to discover where I should be in life and what I should be doing was stressed even more as I prepared to end one decade of life and geared up to enter another. I realized that I could not spend my 30’s living as I had in my 20’s, still trying to find out the purpose of my life.

I waited, for I was sure that God would give me some crystal clear symbol that would define the essence of me. I read for it; perhaps, it was hidden in the pages of some enlightening book published by some author who was successful in a specialty field. I looked for it; maybe it was in a philosophical sign that would suddenly cross my path. I assumed that my purpose would arrive and I would walk in that with no problems, and certainly no second guesses. Per conversations with others and what I’d seen on television, my purpose would be profound and I would receive massive attention in my circles and acclaimed recognition from my colleagues. I had began to believe that when I walked in my purpose that I would have bountiful wealth and be the envy of all of my friends, solely because I have an exclusive relationship with my PURPOSE! Not only was this belief applicable to me, but it was the same for everyone who surrounded me. Yet, there were some things that perplexed me. If everyone in purpose is made to be a leader, then who are the followers? Who are the team members? Who is made simply to serve? Is everyone made to be great or great in their element? In order to understand my purpose, I had to gain a more universal understanding of purpose.

 In conversation with someone outside of my social circle (God) another revelation came to me.  I considered the people who had crossed my path throughout my life- everyone ranging from fast food restaurant employees to college professors and bosses. Then, I considered the purpose they had played, whether it was providing a smile and a hot meal to ensure that I was satisfied as a customer, accepting me into a university or hiring me for a job. No matter the title or position, each of these people had a purpose and a role in my life, whether it was brief or long term. I recalled the times that a delicious meal, not prepared by myself, made me feel better after a long day. Perhaps the satisfaction of a hot meal made a difference in my attitude. Perhaps a better attitude on a particular day helped me to meet people who would benefit the rest of my life. Even more so, perhaps the grade earned in my professors course in college provided me with the educational resources that lead to the financial means needed to purchase a meal from a fast food restaurant on a day when I  was hungry, frustrated and in need of something refreshing, like a smile from an employee and a good hot meal. This epiphany helped me to understand that every person crossing my path has served a purpose in my life; whether the purpose is fulfilled and quality of the act is determined by the individual.

It would be easy to assume that purpose is a life of fabulousness where everyone is glammed up and living lavishly. Yet, the truth is that purpose is about being aligned with the will of God, expressing desires to Him, and allowing Him to lead according to His plan. In discovering my true purpose, it is not the role that matters, but how the role is played. Hence, a person who understands and lives in purpose will perform any task to the best of their ability whatever the role may be. A janitor will ensure that their cleaning is superb. A teacher will provide the best educational experience possible. A president of a company will seek to make a business as successful as possible. None of the fulfillers will let the quality of work be determined by recognition or reward. For purpose is not about glory; is it about humility.

Those who understand purpose are not fulfilled by financial gratification. They are fulfilled by giving and receiving positive energy. I discovered that purpose means Participating in Ultimate Reciprocating Paths of Success & Elation. This is the essence of PURPOSE! While many people will go on to achieve acclaimed fame and notoriety, there are many who are pleasantly satisfied with living a life that is fulfilling and average. When purpose is clearly understood, then all needs are met and blessings exceed far more than individuals can ever imagine. Life is not about what is done; it is about the manner and quality of acts performed. Are you in line with your purpose?





FREE DOWNLOAD of My Newest Book—> Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade

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FREE DOWNLOAD of My Newest Book—> Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade.

Have You Seen My New Commericial

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Copy of Books Commercial Final.

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FREE DOWNLOAD of My Newest Book—> Bitter Lemons, Sweet Lemonade

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