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Is Marissa Alexander Next?

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I first heard this story a year ago. A Florida mother of three became involved in an altercation with her husband/ abuser. Terrified, she fired ONE warning gunshot in the air while in her home. She was arrested and eventually received a sentence of 20 years in prison for firing the weapon. The woman felt that under the Stand Your Ground Law, she had the right to protect herself and her children from the vicious man. Her husband admitted to the abuse (and that he abuses of three of his other “baby mamas”), and stated that he would have wrestled the gun from her had the children not been home.

I will admit that the Trayvon Martin case diverted my attention for a while because it was so popular. However, the continual unraveling facts of his case have brought my attention to several other suspicious cases and brought my attention back to the case of Marissa Alexander. Trayvon Martin’s death has indeed been a startling eye opener to the amount of injustices which occur in the alleged justice system. It is an unsettling realization that Jim Crow Laws may have been abolished, but it does not mean that society has changed.

Many will attempt to contest the idea that many of these cases are a result of racial disparities; maybe in Marissa’s case it was her gender. Nonetheless, it brings many who see the injustices to anger. Yet, I understand the difficulty Americans have with embracing the idea that the country which preaches equality and fairness is a stark contradiction of their own word. It is like a parent who attempts to justify the misbehavior of a child though they subconsciously know the wrong which exists.

Let me not digress from the point of the addressed issue. Now that the large legal issues that exist in Florida have been brought to the attention of the media as the result of one child’s death, do we stop here? While Marissa Alexander is not a seventeen year old child, she is the mother to three children who may possibly spend the most vital years of their lives without her. More importantly, she has experienced a dire injustice.

I call upon any noble American who believes in fairness to act on this woman’s behalf, but I specifically call upon Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Roland Martin and all other influential figures to demand further investigation of this situation and proper justice which is due. Lately, I have been troubled by the lack of respect that seems to be exhibited for African American women in this country. They are exploited in videos, ostracized in the media, and criticized by their own men. While many women are guilty of their own derogatory actions, here is a clear example of a woman who is guilty of no such thing. She only wanted to get away from her abuser. It’s time that someone says they will protect this sister and they follow through so that we can have faith not only in brothers but in humanity.

Maybe after this case, Marissa Alexander’s story will cross the desk of Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell. Perhaps, NBC will air a full show on her story. There must a way that women can know that the Stand Your Ground Law protects them from their abusers, too.  It seems as if the expectation was for Marissa was to continue to take the abuse until he would have accidentally killed her. She didn’t fire at him. She didn’t try to kill him. Yes, she is serving the same sentence as someone who is guilty of manslaughter simply because she tried to save her life and scare her abuser away. Where is the justice in this?

I am pleading: We are fighting on behalf of Trayvon Martin; can Marissa Alexander be next, please?

Haven’t read her story?   http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=254334



Do you want to support Marissa Alexander? Sign this petition of support of her: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/503/600/056/dont-imprison-marissa-alexander-for-standing-her-ground/#next_action

  1. I’m with you. Its been my focus since the verdict. We lost the Trayvon fight, and for me, civil rights lawsuits and wrongful death claims against Zimmerman now are empty revenges that don’t satisfy me. I want to hit back. Freeing Marissa will satisfy me in ways action against Zimmerman won’t. So my Twitter pic is now Marissa and I’m tweeting it to everbody i can think of.


  2. […] organize in my new city against police brutality and trying to organize for Marissa Alexander and you should too. Marissa’s husband had a documented history of abuse, admitted as much (albeit he recanted) […]


  3. The Florida Court of Appeals has granted her a new trial, so she gets a complete do over. I don’t know if she is going to be released pending trial (she should be). I’m keeping an eye on the case http://politicalseason.blogspot.com/p/freedom4marissa.html I’ve also put up another advocacy page on the Lavena Johnson case, which is another case that people should push for resolution too. http://politicalseason.blogspot.com/p/justice-for-pfc-lavena-johnson.html


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