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Cooking- It’s So Much More Than That!

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It has become a bragging right for many women to proclaim that they do not cook—not for their families or themselves. They can deliver the number of every local restaurant by heart and the names of employees can be recited like the United States Pledge of Allegiance. Cooking is often declared an archaic practice that ties the modern woman to the historic role of domesticator. In many cases, there lies the proclamation that the “independent” woman lacks time to stand over a hot stove slaving for hours with little appreciation from her family. The appreciation of her family is not enough to satisfy the needs of this woman.  Her preference, instead, is to labor over professional documents subject to be scrutinized by those who issue a severance package of mild satisfaction in comparison to the level of dedication put forth. Society, as a result, has attempted to accommodate the rise of the transition by modifying the modern companion’s and family’s need from their significant other. However, in the end, lack of time being spent together is one of the biggest reasons marriages collapse today. Yet, individuals, both male and female, have failed to see the importance of such a simple yet historic task-cooking.! There has become a generalized assumption that meal preparation by women is not important, however, one’s willingness to cook or learn to prepare a meal is a reflection of servitude and humility- two of the most important traits for a functional relationship. Thus, it is not the art of cooking or the even the quality of a home cooked meal that is important, but the components associated with the act that demonstrate very important character traits of a woman.

While it is most important that the goals and achievements of women be respected, individuals, particularly women, must not lose sight of our responsibilities to care for those who we love the most. Meal preparation is not a sign that we are insubordinate or subservient. However, it is a demonstration that we understand the value of personal and intimate time with family and companion. It demonstrates our willingness to put the needs of our families before our own. Since biblical days women have always been the care taker for the family, providing emotionally stability and caring for the needs of the family. While many women often had other jobs (yes, even in the bible), they still saw of the importance of unifying the family by dining together.  

 Cooking is not a task made to effeminate or dominate the modern woman; it is a practice that exemplifies humility and kindness. Unfortunately, these two character traits have become rare. There is a strong belief that each man much feign for himself-including within the household. Quite often children are subject to fast food or creating their own masterpieces when they are old enough to see above the countertop. Male companions are often given the same requirement. As a result, lack of humility and kindness has caused society to become desensitized to the needs of others; the beginning of such traits often occurs at home. In addition, lack of family time during moments such as this has created turbulent relationships with children and spouses. 

The attempt of women has been to defy the role set aside for them by going against every societal norm. However, the true demonstration of the role evolution of women is one where women respect the roles of each other and maintain their loyalty to their families despite the demands of a career. While it may seem like a heavy load, there are many ways that women can modify their lifestyles to accommodate their careers and fit the needs of their family. Sharing the cooking task with the husband and children lightens the load. Perhaps, certain nights of the week can be set aside as mandatory family dinner nights. For the woman who is simply not an expert in the area of cooking, she can still practice meal preparation. (I have cousin who is a genius a preparing rotel, tacos, and homemade pizzas! This is a big accomplishment for a woman who couldn’t boil an egg at one time.) Even the preparation of hamburger helper with a side of green salad and whole wheat rolls is refreshing to children and a husband after a long day.

It is great that women have transcended from the roles of cooks and house cleaners to CEOs and doctors; yet, it cannot be denied that strong women are still the glue which holds families together. It is unfortunate that many women have become so haughty that the unwillingness to submit oneself to preparing a meal for those who love them has become a badge of honor. As a matter of a fact, this lack of submission has become common coffee talk between sisters.  This stigma should not be a bragging right, but rather, a point of concern and an area of growth for relationships between women and their companions and children. A commercialized society has convinced everyone that self-concern is part of a functional world; however, women can re-establish the balance of society by remembering the importance of one simple task that will generate important conversation and show most important people that they are loved- cooking!

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